Advantages of Using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Until just a couple of years ago it would have been actually difficult for someone needing a constant oxygen supply to travel freely. People that use oxygen tanks as a constant supply of oxygen had a very limited mobility so the next obvious step for businesses specializing in manufacturing this type of medical equipment was to develop a product which is less complicated to preserve and operate. This is how the idea for the portable oxygen concentrator very first came to light. An oxygen tank unit uses a heavy cylinder to store a limited supply of oxygen and this will be the primary reason why this method is considered to be outdated today.

The portable oxygen concentrator was first introduced at the beginning of the last decade and it’s introduces a new concept. Instead of storing the supply required by patients, the portable oxygen concentrator contains a method that gathers oxygen from its immediate surroundings and by means of a special technology it’s able to improve the concentration and offer the patient with optimum levels of oxygen. Simply because the portable oxygen concentrator doesn’t store any amount of oxygen and only produces the amount needed by the patient at any time manufacturers had been able to greatly decrease the weight of this unit. Yet another major benefit to utilizing a portable oxygen concentrator over a standard tank system is it is possible to use it wherever you could uncover yourself without having to worry about recharges. However, given that every oxygen concentrator uses components that need electricity to gather and concentrate oxygen, this type of method needs a power source.

Whether you use a battery or a constant electricity supply the outcomes will probably be of the identical high quality. To be able to make it less complicated for patients to make use of this method when travelling, the portable oxygen concentrator could be powered by top quality batteries that can rapidly recharged by using numerous power sources, from wall sockets to automobile lighters. As a result of several polls, it was concluded that most patients prefer the portable oxygen concentrator program over the other alternatives since although it must be connected to a power source it permits them to travel without having to worry about special transportation along with other details. However one more benefit derived from employing the portable oxygen concentrator refers to the fact that this program poses none of the severe risks that patients suffering from respiratory illnesses have studying to live with when using oxygen tanks.

The major concern for most people is fear of explosion. It can be difficult to produce an oxygen tank explosion, but there is a slight risk that have users worried if used incorrectly. Simply because some patients may not afford to buy their own portable oxygen concentrator or may possibly not require one for a long period, several companies have begun providing a rental system that presents patients the opportunity to use this item in exchange for monthly fees instead of having to support the whole cost of obtain.